GI Therapies



GI Therapies was established in Melbourne in 2012 to commercialise innovative technology to treat gastrointestinal motility disorders including chronic constipation and abdominal pain associated with constipation.

The technology - transabdominal gastrointestinal stimulation - TAGS® - delivers non-invasive interferential electrical stimulation to the lower abdomen. The initial product, Rhythm IC®, consists of a garment (belt) that houses an electrode array on the front and back of the abdomen and a stimulator unit.

The Company received marketing approval in Europe (CE Mark) in December 2016 for the treatment of chronic constipation[1].

Once fitted and training provided by a health care professional, the product is used at home and is suitable for adults and children.



fitting garment 2.jpg

GI Therapies has been supported with grants by the Australian Government through Accelerating Commercialisation, an element of the Entrepreneurs Programme.

[1] Rhythm.IC has not been cleared for marketing in the US at this time.